MIT researchers taught robots to link senses like sight and touch

MIT researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created a predictive AI that allows robots to link multiple senses in much the same way humans do. “While our sense of touch gives us a channel to feel the physical world, our eyes help us immediately understand the full picture of these tactile signals,” writes Rachel Gordon, of MIT CSAIL. In robots, this connection doesn’t exist. In an effort to bridge the gap, researchers developed a predictive AI capable of learning to “see by touching” and “feel by seeing,” a means of linking senses of sight and…

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Bill Weld is quietly running against President Trump

By Robert Costa | Washington Post

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When President Donald Trump formally kicks off his reelection bid before thousands of roaring supporters on a humid Tuesday night in Florida, his lone rival for the Republican nomination will be clinking glasses with friends and donors at a wealthy supporter’s home in northwest Washington.

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For former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, it’s just another day in the life of a campaign that has struggled mightily to gain traction in a party that is dominated and transfixed by Trump.

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Instead of arena rallies, most of Weld’s weeks are filled with little-noticed trips to New Hampshire, the first-in-the nation primary state, where he stops by diners and living rooms to meet with voters who might remember him from when he was a neighboring governor in the 1990s.

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Other weeks are dotted with meetings and television appearances – he was on MSNBC on Sunday morning – where he has won occasional attention for his scathing criticism of Trump, but little else.

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“He would like to be the man on horseback,” Weld said in an interview Monday where he called Trump an aspiring autocrat. “His need for constant praise indicates a desire to have some kind of crowning.”

Weld added, “Mr. Trump could be well pleased if he could do away with all the primaries and even the election.”

While those barbs have won hearty cheers from a cadre of prominent anti-Trump Republicans in Washington, such as conservative commentator William Kristol, Weld has so far found it difficult to expand his coalition beyond that group or to build a following in early voting states.

The president’s backers have ignored or mocked Weld since he announced his campaign in April, calling the Harvard lawyer – who can trace his family’s roots to the Pilgrims – “nothing more than a delusional elitist.” That view is shared in the …read more

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Here’s why Minecraft: Story Mode episodes are $100 each on Xbox 360 right now

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Something strange is happening with Minecraft: Story Mode. The game is currently on the verge of disappearing, at least from digital storefronts, but it’s reappeared on the Xbox 360’s digital storefron, and at an insanely high markup? So what’s going on? Unfortunately, the price is more of a last gasp designed to deter gamers from buying the dying game. The games were previously delisted from sale, given how the servers that support them will be shutting down in about a week. But according to the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page, taking it off the Xbox 360 store resulted in the users who already owned…

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Texas family pleads guilty to fraud charges over ‘elaborate’ Masters ticket scam

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Masters tickets, already the most sought-after tickets in golf, proved to be especially costly for one Texas family.

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How the Freeman family ripped off the Masters and its fans

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